The Transfiguration of our Lord

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Oftentimes in life we don’t have the full and complete picture and are oftentimes blinded by our human condition. I imagine that Peter, James and his brother John had no idea who Jesus really was as portrayed in the Gospel of Mark, chapter 9 verses 2-10 when being led up to the mountain only to see Jesus’s clothes become dazzling white.

Having Elijah and Moses appear alongside Jesus by symbolizing the prophets and the law respectively show us of the importance of such an occasion. Peter provides the classic reply and must have been dumbfounded at such an event as he remarks it is necessary to make three tents for Elijah, Moses and Jesus.

The cloud that comes down and casts a shadow over them with the Lord God’s voice saying “this is my beloved Son, listen to him” is a powerful statement that acknowledges our own limited human senses. How often do we take time out of our busy day to really listen to the Lord in prayer? Are we blinded by the distractions of the world where we fail to hear, see and discern that transfiguration moment acknowledging the need for God’s grace in our own life?

Let us ask the Lord to help us to acknowledge the Son of God and His saving presence on this day. The miracle of the Transfiguration and Jesus’s fully human and divine nature has been made manifest in our own life and eschatological plan of God’s saving grace for us. May we awaken our senses in prayer and conversation so that we may not be caught off guard.

Published by StreetEvangelist

A Roman Catholic Christian living in the TX, USA area seeking to make the world a better place. Our call to mission as being made in the image and likeness of God is two-fold: to have authentic relationships with our fellow man, and to have an authentic personal encounter with our living God through His Son Jesus Christ who is, who was and who will always be. Let us not bicker, spew hate, or worry about trivial matters when we can become better images of our self to walk humbly with our loving God.

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