Hi, my name is Eric. I am a life long Roman Catholic. I am a husband and a father of a daughter. I am also a disciple of Jesus the Christ. I am always searching to find God in everyday life. Life and our world can become very messy, per the stain of original sin on our hearts and ability to turn away from God. Our call to Christian mission and fellowship is more profound than it ever has been. Our God wants to have a personal relationship with you through the second person of the Trinity Jesus Christ. How often do we pray? How often do we sit in the silence listening to God to let the gentle whisper of the holy spirit permeate our very being (1 Kings:19)? How often do we try to find the image and likeness of God in our fellow men and women? How often do we ask Him to transform our very being and allow His grace to change us to becoming dependent on His great love? For myself and our family, it is a struggle with the “business” and hubbub of life’s practicalities. “Prayer and work” is a Benedictine adage. We must always be open to conversing with our God in all that we do to have a personal relationship with our brother, friend and savior Jesus. Come Holy Spirit! Jesus, I trust in you. I hope that you might encounter our Lord in a more deep and profound way this day. Pax, Eric.

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