No Vaccine for Martyrdom

By Tom Grossman, Jr., Special Contributor I thought it important to use my friend Tom’s testimony who agreed to be a guest contributor to this blog site. God bless, Eric – The Street Evangelist. No Vaccine for Martyrdom In the Gospel for this past Sunday, we see that Jesus comes to the disciples as theyContinue reading “No Vaccine for Martyrdom”

Responding to Receiving by Peter Cao, devoted husband & father

Responding to Receiving By Peter Cao, devoted husband and father I found writing the last reflection piece in the evening such a wonderful way to use time I would otherwise have spent preoccupied with my future financial state of affairs, or anxiously mulling over my day after I had already completed a thorough nightly examen.Continue reading “Responding to Receiving by Peter Cao, devoted husband & father”

Learning the Art of Receiving

Fr. Jacques Philippe wrote that “it is vitally important to learn to receive, to receive one’s very own self along with everything from God. To the extent we learn to receive everything from God, we can give to others the best of ourselves.”1 Indeed, it is written into the nature of being Christians that weContinue reading “Learning the Art of Receiving”