In His Love & Light

Have you ever received a Christmas card or other greeting card in the mail and not really paid attention to the message? Have you ever let those humble saints that walk among us pass you by without taking notice? After watching the recent Christmas special of The Chosen in “The Messengers” ( and reflecting onContinue reading “In His Love & Light”

Advent Reflection – Preparing Our Hearts for the Lord

Oftentimes in life we are a society that is rushed for time. We let the secular calendar and anxiety of life creep up on us like a thief in the night, taking away our sense of purpose and belonging in this world as human beings created in His image. We are also an advanced humanContinue reading “Advent Reflection – Preparing Our Hearts for the Lord”

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Who is the ruler and king of your life? Is it a particular vice or action or sin that keeps your eyes closed from seeing the true beauty and goodness of our Lord and King Jesus who came to rule in a different kind of way? If we recall, the greatest commandment that Jesus gaveContinue reading “Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe”

The Transfiguration of our Lord

Image retrieved from Oftentimes in life we don’t have the full and complete picture and are oftentimes blinded by our human condition. I imagine that Peter, James and his brother John had no idea who Jesus really was as portrayed in the Gospel of Mark, chapter 9 verses 2-10 when being led up toContinue reading “The Transfiguration of our Lord”

When I am weak, then I am strong

The second letter to the Corinthians chapter 12 verses 7-10 today has a reflective image from St. Paul in which he acknowledges that God’s grace is sufficient for us despite our weaknesses and “beatings” from Satan. In a sense, on this sabbath day and remembrance of our independence as a Nation, we should strive forContinue reading “When I am weak, then I am strong”

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Image retrieved from: 5 Beautiful Prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Every Catholic Should Know | ( Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Lord, have mercy Lord, have mercy Christ, have mercy Christ, have mercy Lord, have mercy Lord, have mercy     God our Father in heaven have mercy on us GodContinue reading “Sacred Heart of Jesus”

Good Shepherd Sunday: Reflection for the Fourth Sunday of Easter

Today’s readings in the Catholic church during this Easter season are oftentimes known as “Good Shepherd” Sunday per the selection from sacred scripture. Today is also the World Day of Prayer for Vocations. We must always remember to pray for our men and women called by God that receive the spiritual call to imitate JesusContinue reading “Good Shepherd Sunday: Reflection for the Fourth Sunday of Easter”

Good Friday: The Defeat of Sin and Fulfillment to New Life

Oftentimes, as I ponder over the meaning of Good Friday when reflecting on the mystery of the cross as our instrument of salvation, I can’t help but think about the two that were crucified alongside with our Lord and Savior on that hilltop known as Golgotha or “Place of the Skull” in Hebrew. Luke’s Gospel,Continue reading “Good Friday: The Defeat of Sin and Fulfillment to New Life”

Being Present for Others and Having the heart and mind of Christ in our world amidst violence, destruction and death

A great friend and fellow Knights of Columbus, “Sir Knight” Isaac, passed away recently from my home parish that I attend due to Covid-19 complications. I have a relative that is a Benedictine monk that resides at the Cistercian Abbey in Subiaco and thought to myself that a mass remembrance memorial seemed like the appropriateContinue reading “Being Present for Others and Having the heart and mind of Christ in our world amidst violence, destruction and death”

Learning the Art of Receiving

Fr. Jacques Philippe wrote that “it is vitally important to learn to receive, to receive one’s very own self along with everything from God. To the extent we learn to receive everything from God, we can give to others the best of ourselves.”1 Indeed, it is written into the nature of being Christians that weContinue reading “Learning the Art of Receiving”

St. Patrick, the Trinity and the “Luck of the Irish”

On March 17, the Christian church recognizes the feast of St. Patrick whom was a 4th century bishop and missionary (slave that was captured and brought to the Irish isle) and brought his experience of Christianity to the Celtic peoples (see more about the life of Patrick: Who Was St. Patrick? – HISTORY) at theContinue reading “St. Patrick, the Trinity and the “Luck of the Irish””

Righteous Anger & Temple Cleansing

In the Gospel of John of the second chapter, verses 13-25, we see a very human Jesus that is quite angry for the temple being used as a marketplace for the exorbitant sale of sacrificial offerings. In Leviticus 14:22 we see that a poorer person can purchase 2 turtledoves or pigeons which are more affordableContinue reading “Righteous Anger & Temple Cleansing”

The Cross Leads us to New Life

The cross is the great paradox of being a Christian disciple. It is through the cross, which is an instrument of suffering, pain and sacrifice that we will come to new life with a merciful and loving God. As Jesus proclaims in Matthew’s Gospel, anyone that wishes to follow Jesus “must deny himself, take upContinue reading “The Cross Leads us to New Life”