Oftentimes, I find that if I don’t start my day in prayer, or include prayer in my day; the problems of the world and life in general can become quite messy. It is important to quiet ourselves when we pray and give all of our troubles and worries to God. Prayer will bring us joy, peace and the ability to face any challenge that comes our way. “Pray about everything, worry about nothing.” Phil. 4:6.

Published by StreetEvangelist

A Roman Catholic Christian living in the TX, USA area seeking to make the world a better place. Our call to mission as being made in the image and likeness of God is two-fold: to have authentic relationships with our fellow man, and to have an authentic personal encounter with our living God through His Son Jesus Christ who is, who was and who will always be. Let us not bicker, spew hate, or worry about trivial matters when we can become better images of our self to walk humbly with our loving God.

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